I came to China through ALLTERE 5 years before and I have Known them since Then, In the last 5 years ALLTERE has made remarkable improvements in easing the Life of students coming to CHINA, I have been seeing ALLTERE's Presence at my University for the Last 5 years, ALLTERE provides fantastic Services to their students, ALLTERE takes care of their students even after the admission and registration is over, which no agencies does.
They Book and pre arrange hostel by bug spraying the rooms ,negotiating with the Universities to provide the necessary facilities like New beds ,pillows and Sheets , water , clean and unbroken toilets etc , on arrival ALLTERE provides complimentary food and drinks which no agencies does , they help with the other University Formalities with Registration and Other important issues like Residence permit , Finding apartments outside if the students is willing to, etc ,
ALLTERE takes care of the students very well, which I can say no other Agencies Does!!
George (DMU)
so far so good. service is great and agent friendly. i would reco..
Fanuel (ZJU)
Hi! ALLTERE, all are fine especially your representative in china..
Mosae (LMU)
I really thank you So Much with the assistance I got from ALLTERE..
Wael (CMU)
Dear Managers at Alltere,: On behalf of every father sending ..