The first mobile station of postdoctoral scientific research in clinical medicine was set up in Guangxi Medical University in the year 2001.

Guangxi Medical University has set up 7 research institutes involving cancer prevention and treatment, cardiovascular diseases, snake venom and so on, a number of research departments, inclusive of pediatric hemoglobinopathy, a Guangxi-top-level medical scientific experiment center and an experimental animal breeding center.

Since 1978, Guangxi Medical University has been awarded 8 prizes of national level for its scientific researches and discoveries and 202 at the ministerial and provincial levels.

Guangxi Medical University publishes three medical journals, namely Journal of Guangxi Medical University (bimonthly), Abstracts of Chinese Tumor Diseases (quarterly) and Journal of Coloproctological Surgery (quarterly).

Guangxi Medical University successively sent over 400 of its staff members to over 20 countries and regions for studies, scientific cooperation, international conferences and lectures.