Infrastructure and facilities at the University

Zhangjiang Post Office International Mails

   - > The Overseas Students Department will process a Moneylink Card from Industrial and Commercial Bank of
         China for each of the overseas freshmen after semester starts. At the beginning of each month,
         the University will transfer the living expenses into the card, and the overseas students take cash at ATM in
         the banking service offices of industrial and commercial bank in the city

   - > Shop/Supermarket and a mini-supermarket are in the campus.The overseas students who want to visit a
         doctor in illness can go to the clinical department

Hostel Facility

The management of zhang Liang Hi-tech Park is maintaining the international student's accomodation. Each Student is given a single room fully furnished with a facility to apply for ADSC services. The tariff is 1260 RMB to 1700 RMB per month with an extra payment for electricity.s and many more.