Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is a key university directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People’s Republic of China. Founded in 1941, BFSU is the first institution specializing in foreign language studies. It has the longest history among universities of its kind in China, offering a complete range of degrees, diplomas and programs at various levels, with the largest number of foreign language programs in the country. Excellence in teaching and research of foreign language and literature has allowed BFSU to enjoy a good reputation for its quality programs, both at home and internationally. It is now an important base in the country for educating talents in various fields such as foreign languages, culture, diplomacy, journalism, and international business.


BFSU consists of 14 schools, colleges and institute, 7 academic departments, and a number of research centers. In addition, BFSU is also home to over a dozen research centers, such as the European and American Literature Research Center, the Foreign Languages Research Center, and an American Studies Center, etc. In particular, BFSU is host to the only National Research Center for Foreign Language Teaching in China.


BFSU is one of the first institutions authorized by the MOE to offer programs for Master and Doctoral degrees. It offers a Post Doctoral program in foreign language research; 9 Ph.D. programs in English, Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, European Languages and Culture, Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, and Comparative Literature & Culture; 15 MA programs in 34 languages, Chinese as a Foreign Language, Law, and Diplomacy; and 53 BA degree programs in 42 languages.


BFSU has a highly-qualified, experienced and conscientious faculty of more than 600 members, among whom 330 are either professors or associate professors. In addition, each year the university invites approximately 120 international teachers and experts from more than 20 countries to teach in various academic programs. Among its over 7,000 registered students, there are around 1,000 international students. The university’s enrollment of international students started in the 1950s. In recent years, the university has enhanced the education of international students and the number of international students on campus has been continuously expanding, which has greatly contributed to BFSU’s multi cultural environment and vibrant campus life.


BFSU is also actively engaged in comprehensive and in-depth international exchange and cooperation. To date, BFSU has established extensive academic partnerships with 206 universities and educational institutions in 50 countries and regions of the world.


Located in the capital of China, BFSU covers a total area of 310,000 square meters and enjoys access to convenient transportation. With its beautiful campus and diverse language programs, BFSU provides a unique and ideal environment for both Chinese and overseas students to master their target languages.