Student Accommodation Center :


There are four departments in the Student Accommodation Centre. They are Facilities Department, Postgraduate Students Department, Undergraduate Students Department and Administration Department. There are 211 staff in the Centre responsible for accommodation arrangement, security, maintenance, repairs, cleaning and laundry of the student accommodation located in different campuses of the university which accommodate over 15,000 students. Each building has a student warden who helps students with problems that have occurred in their daily life.


Among those buildings, No. 7 Xinan Lou, No. 8 Xinan Lou and No. 9 Xinan Lou are high-rise building with better facilities. They rely heavily on students themselves in the management of the buildings. Mr. LI Lanqing, Vice-president of China, appreciated the management style of these buildings and sang songs of it when he visited them on several occasions.


Food Center :


The Food Centre was established in January 1999. There are 6 departments in the Centre. They are Student Canteen Department, Maintenance Department, Procurement Department, Canteen Department, Finance Department and Administration Department.


The Centre caters students and staff in Tongji University. There are 8 students canteens, 6 restaurants and 1 bakery, 1 minority style canteen and 1 senior teachers' canteen the Food Centre. The Centre can cater more than 30,000 students and staff at the same time. There are over 100 cooks in the Centre, among whom there are 32 second class cooks, 7 first class cooks and 2 top class cooks. The canteens are categorized into five types, i.e. Service Type, Day Type, Restaurant Type, Social Type and Feature Type.


Service Type includes No.1, No.2, No.3, No. 5, No.7, No.8 student canteens that serve the basic three meals to students. No.1 Student Canteen serves food in a buffet style.


Day Type includes a fast food canteen, No.4 Student Canteen and Xueyuan Square. They offer a large variety of food and work long hours. Xueyuan Square sells local food from different parts of China.


Restaurant Type includes No.2 Guest Restaurant and Aixiong Restaurant. Food is provided with standard restaurant service in nice environment. They are suitable for entertaining friends.


Social Type includes Tongji Branch of Shanghai Xinxin Nutrition Company and Tongji Garden Restaurant. The former provides nutrition-proportioned lunch to primary and middle school students while the later is open to the public.


Feature Type includes a minority style canteen, a senior teachers' canteen and a bakery.


Medical center :

Tongji Hospital Subordinated to Tongji University

Hospital of Stomatology Subordinated to Tongji University

Railway Hospital Subordinated to Tongji University

Shanghai East Hospital