About Alltere

ALLTERE Education Management company [ALLTERE] education group is an education project management company that manages education projects in China and Philippines. ALLTERE has a wide experience in transnational education in India and abroad. ALLTERE has been recruiting students from over 25 countries to study in CHINA and PHILIPPINES in the last 4 years.

ALLTERE started with referring of students for higher education to countries like Russia and Uzbekistan for Medical Education. I n 2003, International Health and Educational Trust were formed to establish a medical college in the name and style of Alliance International Academy of Health Sciences and Research. The first batch of the medical college was launched in September 2003 with 50 students. The program offered was - International MBBS in association with University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine (USAIM). USAIM is a WHO listed Medical School with its administrative office in Indiana, USA and Campus in Seychelles in the Indian Ocean

In 2004 it established the Alliance Business College in Association with Swiss School of Management an accredited Business School, with Campus in Rome and Switzerland. The college delivered Executive MBA programs (E-MBA) and was one the pioneers in International College. A Hospitality Education Division was established to add on programs in Hotel and Tourism Management and Bachelors in Business Administration.

Both the organizations were disposed off by 2005, so that ALLTERE could focus on “Education Management Projects” in CHINA. ALLTERE Education Group has been in forefront of International Education since the beginning of this century. Headquartered in South India, in a vibrant City called the Manchester of the East, ALLTERE Education Group has a strong team of committed professionals who uphold the values of the Group through dedication, commitment and customer service.

ALLTERE as represented by its President, Mr. Saju Bhaskar, is co-owned by Texila American University and is the project management and International Execution Arm of Texila American University that has its campus at Georgetown, Guyana.