City Nanning
Total Students 11,000
International Students 10
Phone N/A
Postcode 520021
Address 22 Shuangyong Rd. Nanning, Guangxi, the People’s Republic of China
About GXMU
Guangxi Medical University (GXMU) is located in Nanning City,Established in 1934, Guangxi Medical University is one of the oldest medical education institutes in China. Guangxi Medical University consists of 18 schools and colleges, inclusive of School of Pre-clinical Sciences and the First School of Clinical Sciences and 8 affiliated teaching hospitals such as the First Affiliated Hospital and the Affiliated Cancer Hospital etc. Guangxi Medical University has a strong teaching staff, of whom 161 have senior academic titles, 477 have associate academic titles and 33 are qualified doctoral tutors. GXMU offers nine 5-year undergraduate specialties, including clinical medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, nursing, etc. and seven 3-year college specialties, including nursing, pharmacy, community medical care and cosmetology etc. At present, there are over 7,000 doctoral students, postgraduate students, undergraduates and 3-year college students in Guangxi Medical University. In the year 2000, Guangxi Medical University began to enroll 7-year undergraduates who are to be conferred on master's degree after finishing their academic studies in clinical medicine. Since its establishment, Guangxi Medical University has turned out approximately 100,000 medical graduates.Guangxi Medical University consists of 55 teaching departments offering 90 courses and 34 specialties in 22 disciplines are entitled to confer master's degree. Pediatrics, human anatomy and histo-embryology, oncology and pharmacology are entitled to confer doctor's degree. The first mobile station of postdoctoral scientific research in clinical medicine was set up in Guangxi Medical University in the year 2001.

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