During the past 10 years, Wuhan University completed thousands of natural sciences research projects.

In the research projects 600-odd ones won various awards including 32 awards of the state's natural sciences,the state's invention and the state's science-and-technology progress,and 574 ministerial or provincial awards,Time and again,the university submitted 455 applications for patent,among which 274 are for invention patent,over190 won their patent rights.

It twice got the 3rd place in the national appraisals of the excellent achievements in humanities and social sciences research in the years of 1995 and 1998.

Ranked 3rd among all colleges and universities of China twice.

The university has founded 100-odd kinds of scholarships with a total value of 10 million-odd yuan awarding about 30 percent of the students.

During the past 100-odd years, Wuhan University fostered for China over 0.23 million qualified personnel of various kinds, many of whom became the State's pillars.

During the past twenty years, Wuhan University fostered over 3000 foreign students who become a driving force for the friendship and exchanges between China and foreign countries upon their graduation from the university.
Many students of Wuhan University got the glorious titles such as "10 national models of three-good students", and "national models of excellent student cadres", and a pretty large number of students' collectives were chosen as "national outstanding collectives of the young students".