Wuhan University is seated at Wuchang Luojia mountain and the campus is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and mountain lake. It's an important part of the East Lake scenery.

The campus has an area of 196.44 hectars, within it has Luojia Mountain, Lion Mountain, Cechuan Mountain, Halfside Mountain, Little Tortoise Mountain, Huoshi Mountain etc. The beautiful scenery with trees and flowers gives people great pleasure.

This beautiful natural scenery, together with the ancient style buildings, form an old-timey beautiful, peaceful and pleasant campus and is an ideal place for bringing up thousands of scholars. Various kinds of plants and precious varieties make Wuhan University campus into a natural arboretum. According to a survey, within the Wuhan University campus, there are more than 800 kinds of seed plants, among them a variety of 17 precious species.

The Students' living area is formed into different parts like Cherry Blossom Garden, Plum Garden, Maple Garden, Laurel Garden etc, all of which have their own characteristics and sentiments. The Cherry Blossom Garden, especially, is mainly Japanese cherry blossom flowers, as well as various other kinds of flowers which are extremely colorful. Every year after winter, when the plum flower fade, early cherry blossom flower blooms, after that Japanese cherry blossoms, strait cherry blossoms, late cherry blossoms each blooms. During the time when all the flowers bloom, the cherry blossom garden is like the sea of flowers, thousands of tourists come to see and fulling enjoying the beauty. Many say "To enjoy the cherry blossom in March will only be in Wuhan University campus".