Wuhan University boasts a campus which covers an area of 5342 mu and it has a floorage of 2.19 million square metres. There are large modernized teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, gymnasiums, sports grounds, swimming pools, archive buildings, and a specimen building with more then 200,,000 pieves of valuable animal and plant specimens. The university's libraries have a collection of approximately 5.2 million volumes, subscribe to more then 10,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, are the central-China canter officially decided for the "211 Project" documents--ensuring system of the Chinese universities and colleges. It now has two key State-level laboratories, four State-level discipline laboratories, two State-level research centers in engineering, six national research bases for humanities and social sciences, and seven national bases for fostering basic science personnel. Over twenty academic periodicals, Wuhan University Journal included, are published by the university, which has its own presses including an audiovisual material publishing house, collages of foreign students education and adult education, East Lake branch school, and three attached hospitals which are all of first-class according to the official standard.


Wuhan University Library seats by the East Lake. It's formed since last centry as Hubei Selfimproving School Library by Hubei viceroy Zhang Zhidong. The library is famous for it's long history, unique building style, pleasant enviorment. The old library building built in 1935 is the typical building of Wuhan University.

Wuhan University Library is devided into 4 sections: Art and Science, Technical, Information Technology and Medical. The total area of the library is 44136 squar metres, reading room has 4256 seats, every year ingather 80000 Chinese and foreign books, more then 10000 newspapers. Until the end of year 2000, the whole book storage of the library reach to 4980,000. Have more then 200,000 old type books, among them more then 300 has been collected into "China Ancient Book Collection". There are 60,000 readers in the university. There also has different major book reading rooms among the 28 colleges of the university. In recent years, the library increased the collection of electrical literature, now already has more then 120 types of database and reading files for all kinds of computers. The library has many centers: China Advanced Education Literature Insurance System, The Middle China Center, Education Department Foreign Books Center, Life Science Foreign Textbooks Center, Canada Published Books Collection Center, Europe Commity Information Center and World Bank Information Center. The Information center of College of Law has been titled "United Nations Information Storage Library" by the United Nations.

The library already using computer management, is one of the key members of the national university libraries which catalogue online. Formed high spead library network and electrical service center, has more then 400 devices such as server, computer, etc, can provide all kinds of services to the readers such as borrow out, read, use audio and vedio, make enquiry, information search, reader education, information copy and information transfer, also can search all kinds of informations through using CERNET and INTERNET. Recently, the library began exchanges with more then 600 libraries and reasearch organizations world wide and nation wide.