Fujian Medical University is at present the only university of modern medical science in Fujian Province. Fujian Medical University is located at the foot of Wushi Hill in the center of Fuzhou city. The campus covers about 170,100 square meters, with total construction space of 130,000 square meters.


Founded in 1937, the university was initially named Fujian Provincial Medical School and changed to Fujian Provincial Medical College two years later. In 1949 it was named Fujian Medical College. In April 1996, it was given its present name of Fujian Medical University with the approval of the State Education Commission. Since its establishment the school has been bearing the responsibility of training the high-grade personnel of medicine and health and has fostered more than 20,000 graduates with BS degrees and associate degrees, over 200 post graduates and more than 10,000 adult and graduate students. Now the graduates can be found in medical and health circles at home and abroad. A number of well-known experts and scholars are constantly emerging.


There are 2 colleges(Adult Education College and Professional Technical College), 2 divisions(Basic Medical Sciences and Marxism Education & Research), 5 departments(Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Stomatology, Medical Laboratory and Nursing) in the university. The school is authorized to confer 2 Ph.D. degrees and 27 MS degrees, and also MS degrees for those who still at their posts with the same education level. The school offers 6 full-time undergraduate specialties with 5-year program and 6 with 3-year program. For adult education, there are one full-time undergraduate for those already finished 3-year program to continue their 5-year program study. 8 specialties for 3-year programs, such as Night School, Full-time Classes, Correspondence Courses, Self-Teaching Courses and Courses for Certificate. Now there are 6,056 on-campus students. The Fujian Medical University has been established into a multi-discipline, multi-level and multi-category medical university which covers comprehensive range of education from Ph.D. degrees, MS degree, BS degree, Associate degree, preparatory courses to adult courses.


The Fujian Medical University has 3 general affiliated hospitals with 2,570 beds and 1 stomatic hospital with 87 dental chairs. These four hospitals are well-equipped and staffed with complete sections. The 3 general hospitals have been rated as Class-A of the national top level hospitals by the State’s Ministry of Health. There are 23 hospitals serve as our teaching hospitals, 3 specialty teaching bases and 10 hospitals for practice.


Among the 4,623 staff members, 974 people are on campus. Among the on-post teachers, there are 124 professors, 226 associate professors, 103 chief physicians, 320 associate-chief physicians and 234 tutors for doctorates and graduates. There are 4 experts with national outstanding contributions, 12 experts with provincial outstanding contributions, and 78 people enjoy special allowance granted by State Council.


The school pays great attention to scientific research as well as teaching. At present there are 1 state clinical pharmacology base, 2 key constructive courses of provincial “211 project”(Molecular Medicine and Hematology), 3 key course designated by Provincial Education Commission, 7 priority-developing courses designated by Provincial Commission of Science & Technology, 6 provincial key courses, 5 provincial-featured medical specialties and 4 provincial key medical laboratories. 43 medical scientific research institutes including Fujian Provincial Institute of Hematology undertake, respectively, the research tasks assigned by the State’s Ministry of Health and the province, and have made remarkable achievements. Over the past 10 years, 467 scientific research items have been appraised, and over 350 have won the awards. Among them, 14 items reach the international advanced levels and 149 national advanced levels. The school edits and publishes 3 nation-wide magazines—Journal of Fujian Medical University, Journal of Hypertension and Chinese Journal of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Medicine. Research On Medical Education is a restricted school publication. The researchers in the school submit more than 1,000 research papers to different kinds of symposium each year. The school library has the largest collection of medical science books in our province with 111,300 sorts, 316,300 volumes. The library is equipped with disc examining system and computer data-storage system, which was designated as a literature and information center of the province level by the State’s Ministry of Health in 1991.


The school keeps in contact with the outside world to promote the international academic exchanges and cooperation of teaching and scientific research. In the last few years, more than 240 teachers and doctors have been sent to over 20 countries, such as the United States, Britain, etc. to make on-the-spot investigations, give lectures and get advanced studies. At the same time, over 300 experts, scholars and professors from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries have visited Fujian Medical University, given lectures, proceeded scientific research and academic exchanges. We have formally established academic exchange and cooperated relationship with Medicine Department of Nagasaki University, Japan. 13 foreign experts and teachers once taught English in Fujian Medical University successively. With the approval of the State Education Commission, the school may enroll the students from the foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as the postgraduates, undergraduates, 3-year program students and preparatory students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


Being geared to the needs of the 21st century, according to The Program For Chinese Education Reform And Development, the school is at present deepening its reform, excellenting organization, reclaiming & making innovations, making progress rapidly, and steadily improving teaching quality and scientific research and the level of health care. We should strive hard in order to make the school the key base of training the advanced medical personnel for Fujian province, the medical scientific research and health center, and to make our school one of the all-around advanced provincial medical universities in China.