Xiamen University campus card is issued and managed by the non-contact IC card, student card sets / work permits, library card, meal card, wallet, ETS electronic purse cards and other functions in one card, to achieve the "one card in hand , around the campus. " Xiamen University is your work, study and life during the essential tool. For management, according to the identity of the cardholder, "Campus Card" card is divided into three categories, ie, student card, teacher card and consumer cards. Consumer cards have only one card in the campus dining hall opened, supermarkets, and other consumption and use of public facilities fees, the card bearer plane, no photos; student card and the card are the official card of teachers, in addition to all the functions with consumer cards, but also Card works with schools and other management features included, such as access control, library management, card holders face include learning the job number, name, account number and cardholder photographs and other personalized information.

The fiduciary relationship: the cardholder's bank card issuers to establish one relationship with the campus card.
Quancun: through school self-transfer machine will have to establish trust relationships in the bank card money into the

campus card
Second, the establishment of trust relationships
Xiamen City Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Xiamen, and Xiamen and Zhangzhou City Bank of China, ICBC and Bank of China, Zhangzhou, Xiamen University campus card system as a partner, through its schools (including the Zhangzhou Campus) to establish the business outlets for faculty and students apply for bank cards and other related services, the school held a formal faculty and student card can choose according to their needs more than a few banks to establish trust relationships and achieve financial Quancun campus card.
The campus card holders may need to change the schools according to their own pre-established trust relationships, campus card holders in the five banks operating branches in schools to create a new trust relationships. Establish trust relationships, the cardholders are required to carry valid personal documents, student ID to the bank (teachers, faculty number), identity card number, name, and campus card account information.

Those who apply for the above-mentioned five banks in the transfer machine bank card on the Quancun, the banks do not charge a fee (including the District of Zhangzhou and Xiamen Main Campus).

Third, the relationship between the withdrawal of commission
According to the agreement with the school bank, cardholders in the bank card is damaged, lost or fiduciary relationship is to change the cardholder to the campus card management center to be commissioned between the revocation, to be able to commission a new bank relationship.
withdrawal of fiduciary relationship, the cardholders are required to carry valid personal documents.