This Building is located in the South Campus' Eastern District-the Chinese students residential district. It is very convenient to live there - students canteens, shops, bookstores, sports facilities and swimming pools are all within easy reach. Living with the Chinese students in the same district, you will interact and make friends with them and gain an insight of the lively campus life.


The building has 8 floors. Each room includes a bathroom and a balcony. Three students share one room. The room is equipped with an air conditioner, an electric fan, a telephone set, three beds, three desks, three bookshelves, and three internet connection plugs.


On the first floor of the Building, there is the public laundry room, reading room and a TV room. Students have to prepare the bedding themselves. The Building supply hot water for shower at a set time: 5:30-7:30 pm and 9:30-11:00 pm.


Students must live in dorm at least for 12 months, then they can apply to live outsides.  There is an international student dining hall.  Students are most welcome to use other dining halls as well


1. The student will have to pay a deposit of RMB 300 when he or she checks in.

2. The Dormitory only admits those who stay for at least12 months.

3. Fees for running water, electricity and telephone are not included in the rent. Students will have to pay separately.

The prices are as follows:  three  students in one Room: RMB 5100/person/year