• Patient-focused medical services creates "patient-focus and patientsafe" medical environment to enhance proximity of medical services.
  • Its affiliated hospitals are having electronic Patient-focus Care Information Integration System, which is the latest technology used to train its students.
  • The University has been promoting the hospital digitization program over the last three years,

              1. Hospitalization and doctor/nursing advice integration.
              2. Picture Archiving and Communication System.
              3. Examination Quality Management System
              4. Disease Case Management System.
              5. Community Medical Network System.
              6. Record System.

  • Trauma Center is established to take care of Emergency Cases.
  • Over 50,000 senior specialized medical personnel have been educated by CMU since its establishment.
  • CMU now has 18 colleges, 130 departments, 34 disciplines(specialties) to grant doctor degrees and 49 to grant master degrees; 11 specialties for undergraduates and 10 specialties for higher professional techniques.
  • 2 national key laboratories and 3 (health) ministerial laboratories.
  • 1 national clinical study base for drug development and 1 national laboratory for research of traditional Chinese medicines.
  • 3 post-doctoral mobile stations.
  • There are 2856 beds in China Medical University's 3 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and one specialty hospital.
  • The total staff of China Medical University is 6138, and 80% are professionals of different specialties. 350 professors, 545 associate professors, 188 tutors for doctoral and 460 tutors for masters students.