Dalian Medical University offers Free Language Programme:
Those students who are interested to do their Bachelors in Meidicne / and other subjects in Chinese.

Why Dalian Medical University
Dalian Medical University offers a chiefly 5-year training program for medical students and a 3-year program for graduate students.Dalian Medical University has 12 undergraduate specialties each with its own training objectives.It has 12 colleges, 4 teaching departments, 3 divisions and 33 off-campus teaching bases, offering 58 major courses.

Currently, there are over 4,400 faculties and staffs, doctors and nurses in the university, among whom more than 500 are professors and about 510 are associate professors, including over 500 Ph.D. and M.S. supervisors.With the extensive development of exchange and collaboration programs with other universities and institutions at home and abroad.

Dalian Medical University has established collaborative relationships with 75 universities and 38 research institutions in 27 countries and regions.Both of the two direct affiliated hospitals have been authorized as first-rank hospitals. With all advanced levels in its every respective fields of medicine study.

Dalian Medical University's Scientific Research

  • The Key Lab for Cellular and Molecular Biology of Liaoning Province.
  • State administration of traditional Chinese medicine of People's Republic of China Molecular Biology Lab.
  • Institute of Brain Disorders and the Key Lab for Brain Disorders of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for Cancer Genomics of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for Glycobiology and Glycoengineering of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for Specific Pathogen Free Animal of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for Proteomics of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for Treatment of Surgical Critical and Refratory Diseases With Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for Pharmacokinetics and Drug Transport of Liaoning Province.
  • The Key Lab for tumor metastasis belongs to the Pathology Department of Liaoning Province.
  • Sino-German Center for Neuroscience of Dalian Medical University.