The province is located on the east coastal part of China and the lower reach of Yellow River. Not only it is one of the most economically developed coastal provinces in China, but also a major contributor to the ancient Chinese culture and the auspicious birthplace of Qilu culture.

Qingdao is located on the south facing coast of the Shandong Peninsula.Qingdao's climate is monsoon-influenced and falls on the borderline between humid subtropical and humid continental . Winter is cool to cold, sometimes snowy, and windy, with temperatures hovering around freezing. Summer is generally hot and humid, but very hot days are rare.Conversely, autumn is much milder than inland areas. The water temperature peaks at about 25C (77F) in late August

Qingdao hosts one of China's largest seaports. Cooperative relations have been established with 450 ports in 130 countries worldwide. The Qingdao Liuting International Airport, 36 kilometres away from city centre, is served by 13 domestic and international airlines, operating 82 regional routes and 12 international routes. There are a total of 1,145km of roads in the Qingdao area, with nearly 500km of expressways. Expressways connect Qingdao with Jinan. The specially designed high-altitude railcars required for the Qingzang railway, the highest railway in the world, are also built in Qingdao.