Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, found in 1956, is one of the firstly established four Colleges and Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine after the People's Republic of China has found. The University is located in Scientific Research and Education Zone, Zhang Jiang High-tech Park, Pu dong New Area. The campus which occupies 500 units of area has beautiful environment and complete instructional facilities such as teaching buildings, experiment buildings, library building, administration building, external affairs building, gymnasium and museum.

SHUTCM is one of the best universities in China for Chinese Traditional Medicine. Established in 1956, it has climbed many steps to the heights of success, such as “National Excellent College of Undergraduate Education” the first university of Traditional Chinese Medicine to receive this award, ISO 9001 2000, CNAB Certificate of China, RAB certificate of USA are a few to name. WHO was so pleased, that it entrusted to SHUTCM the International Education College which provides multiple Traditional Chinese Medicine programs with interpretations in English, Japanese, French and Korean.

The university has taken an academic lead among the other such Chinese universities within a short span of its inception. This was achieved through the complete discipline, world class experts, integration of education, clinical and scientific research. It has now branched out to a large organization with 19 subsidiary colleges, five affiliated research institutions. Through its 600 ode highly qualified professions and 8200 students the university still continues to grow popular in china and among the Traditional Chinese Medicine covers in the world.