Location :

Located directly adjacent to the Third Ring Road (West) of Beijing, BFSU-SolBridge is situated on the western campus of Beijing Foreign Studies University in the Haidian District of Beijing.


About the City :

Haidian District is a suburban district of the municipality of Beijing and lies towards the northwestern part of the capital. After Chaoyang District, Haidian is the largest district in urban Beijing and is home to over 2,500,000 inhabitants. Haidian District is also where most universities are located and therefore many of its inhabitants are college students. A relatively large contingent of foreigners can be found living in and around the district, most of whom are either international students or educators.


The famed Old Summer Palace and Summer Palace, two grand imperial gardens are also among the district’s reputed features. It became a university district after the building of the Tsinghua University campus in the early twentieth century and is mentioned in Lao She's novel Camel Xiangzi as an academic village for students. After the foundation of the People's Republic, it was deliberately developed as a university area, with many of the Yan'an institutions moving there. Haidian officially became an administrative district in June 1954. Since the reform and opening up, Haidian District has become the centre of China's IT industry.