Salient Features

Why South East University

  • The university has 64 undergraduate programs, 206 master programs,109 doctoral programs, as well as 15 postdoctoral research sites.
  • In the most recent official rankings summary, 6 programs are top 5 and another 6 programs are top 10 nationwide. Especially the School of Biomedical Science & Engineering ranks first place.
  • The university has a top research ability.
  • There are 10 National First-class Academic programs.
  • 6 potential National First-class Academic Programs.
  • 3 National Research Labs.
  • 1 National Professional Lab.
  • 2 National Engineering Research Centers.
  • 7 Department of Education First-class Labs.
  • In 2006, the university has invested a fund amount of 600 million Chinese dollars, which lists 7th place in the country for its research purpose.

University's Ranking

Southeast University is one of the top 10 universities in scientific research and development in China. It has over 20 national or provincial research institutes, with a number of key research bases. Over the last decade, it has completed more than 1000 research projects, of which over 500 have been awarded the national, provincial or municipal science and technology prizes. Its research fund exceeded 150 million yuan in 1999. The SEU Architecture Design and Research Institute, which is one of the few national first-class design institutes, have undertaken various major projects. The SEU-affiliated Zhongda Hospital was set up in 1935 and rated as "Class A Grade 3" by the Ministry of Public Health.

In 2007, SEU hit 20th in overall ranking and 9th in engineering ranking among all the Chinese universities.

More than 2039 international students from 60 countries have studied in this university, and over 1700 of them have completed their study and returned to their own countries. The university takes an active part in setting up international cooperative programs with other countries. Up to now, it has signed agreements for friendly cooperation with more than 100 universities, research institutes or corporations in countries including Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, United States etc., which has contributed a great deal to the actual strength, international fame and development of the university.

Southeast University was traditionally at the head of the universities in Southeast China.

Now, all its faculty and staff members are making concerted efforts to build it into a world-class university through integration, innovation, unity and diligence

Hostel Facility

SEU's Students Dorms are scattered around Sipailou Campus, Dingjiaqiao Campus and Jiulong Lake Campus. Currently, most of the first-year students live at Jiulong Lake Campus; most of the medical students live at Dingjiaqiao Campus and the students of other majors live at Sipailou Campus.