Location and City


Nanjing is the capital of China and is listed as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Nanjing is also enjoying jurisdictional and economic autonomy. With an urban population of over five million, it is lso the second largest commercial center in the East China region, after Shanghai. Nanjing's airport, Lukou International Airport, serves both national and international flights. In 2007, the airport handled 8.037 million passengers. The airport is connected by a 29-kilometer (18 mi) highway directly to the city center, and is also linked to various intercity highways, making it accessible to the passengers from the surrounding cities.


Port of Nanjing is the largest inland port in China, yearly throughput reaching 108.59 million tons in 2007. The port area is 98 kilometers (61 mi) in length and has 64 berths including 16 berths for ships with a tonnage of more than 10,000. Nanjing is also the biggest container port along the Yangtze Rivers.