North China Electric Power University (hereafter abbreviated as NCEPU) was founded in 1958 with its first name as Beijing Electric Power College, located in Beijing.  In 1969, Beijing Electric Power College was moved to Hebei Province and later renamed as North China Institute of Electric Power. It was recognized as one key national university by State Council in 1978. In May, 1995, under the approval of the former State Education Commission, North China Institute of Electric Power and Beijing Power Engineering and Economics Institute were merged to form North China Electric Power University. Now NCEPU is a key national university under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Education of PRC. It has been ranked as one of “211 Project” Universities in China, referring to Top 100 Chinese universities in 21 century. The NCEPU Board of Trustees was formed years ago with the seven largest corporations in the electric power sector in China as its members.  The headquarters of NCEPU is located in Beijing with its subordinate campus in Baoding City, a neighboring city of Beijing, in Hebei Province.

Academic Reputation

As its name may indicate, the university firstly captures people’s attention through its unique disciplinary characteristics. It is true that NCEPU keeps the leading position in the power and energy-relevant disciplines such as electric power engineering and automation, energy and thermal power engineering, renewable energy etc.among which three disciplines, namely, Electric Power Engineering and Automation, Thermal Power Engineering,and Management Science have been accredited as Key National Discipline, the top grade of a discipline in China’s higher education. The evaluation is absolutely authoritative due to the joint involvement of Ministry of Education, some scientific research institutions and other government administrations.

But, over 50 years, not just confined to the development  of a narrow spectrum of disciplines related to electric power, NCEPU has developed a comprehensive and extensive package of isciplines incorporating engineering, science, arts, economics, management, and law.

Under the disciplinary system, 54 undergraduate programs, 52 postgraduate programs, 20 doctoral programs, and 4 dual degree programs are provided by 10 academic schools of the university. In addition, four postdoctoral workstations have been entitled by the government to attract high-caliber post doctoral candidates to conduct cutting-edge research. MBA Center is another independent academic unit to serve the professional managers. To fulfill the teaching and research tasks, NCEPU is equipped with capable teaching and administrative staff, with a total number of more than 2800. Among the staff, four hold the title of Academician of Chinese Engineering Academy, 256 the title of professors, and 407 the title of associateprofessors.

University has been orienting its academic tradition to the service for the community. In the last, we have cultivated a population of up to 80,000 graduates, a remarkable contribution to the community. Some of the alumni have been the backbones of enterprises in the power sector and other industries.