Location and City

The Baoding campus covers an area of 40 hectares and Beijing campus covers an area of 53.33 hectares. NCEPU holds school buildings of 800,000 square metersandfixed assets of 2.1 billion yuan, including 0.3 billion yuan allocated to scientific and teaching facilities. The university library covers a collection of 1.5 million books. NCEPU possesses a high-quality teaching staff with a total number of 1,600 professional teachers, including 287 professors, 490 associate professors, and four academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Being open to students from all over China, the university has, at present, more than 35,000 full-time students, including 20,002 undergraduates and 6,276 post-graduates. For many years, NCEPU has enjoyed the graduates’ employment rate of over 96%.